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Welcome To Our School’s Pharmacy 

A space, so sacred that all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues start to resolve simply by immersing in Colours, Symbols, Numerology and Sounds.
Where Nature Has a Voice.

The Sacred Factory has discovered a unique, tool called Sacred Healing Arts, which would you believe it, was developed organically through spontaneous channelling! For months, our Light Artist, has been working with the purest of energies, to convey the sacred messages that come through every brush stroke and mark, until The Sacred Healing Arts were ready to be shared with the world.

Now you can experience the magic and the soothing abilities of these art pieces too.

Introduction To The Arts: 

These arts are channelled with the specific intention to transmit through ancient wisdom and scientific knowledge of Colour Therapy, Symbology, Numerology and Sounds. Our research into this phenomenal tool has shown that over time and with consistent use, physical ailments, financial problems, conflicts in relationships started to shift, because users of the arts built a rapport, a sacred and trusted relationship with their personally channelled art. Each art piece will come with a special ‘Activation Code’, that energetically opens up the intention of the art and keeps you connected with it, no matter where you are.  


How does it work?

The Sacred Healing Arts works on the process of Dissociative Deductive Learning, which allows you to observe your problems, outside of you, in a logical and creative manner. Sometimes, words are not enough to help you express your truly feelings and the state of your external environment and relationships. Therefore, these arts tap into the depths of your psyche and presents them visually, in the form of symbolic imagery. If you are open to all possibilities, you may even hear sounds! They act as gateways between the unseen realms of your subconscious reality and the seen realms of your physical reality, bringing both realities together in harmony.

Sounds intriguing, right?

It is fun, interactive and leaves no room for boredom.

Add a dash of colour to your life.

Find out which art picks you, here.

I invoke the beings in this sketch to cleanse the mind of this space and bring in creative thought forms and experience abundance at all times.
I reclaim my love power and let love grow me into the miracle zone. I embrace love that surrounds me.
I feel relaxed in the knowing that I am healthy, whole and perfect. My desire to be healthier is perfect.

Have any questions? 
Send us message at: Tsf@sidrajafri.com 

You can also visit our clinic at: DS Light Clinic  to get your own prescriptive art.