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Fozia N

"Energetic Conscious Body Makeover (ECBM) has been an Awakening journey in itself. I started off in complete denial that I needed the program and then slowly realised I do! Using ECBM tools and Sidra Jafri's Sacred Healing Arts sessions I’ve completely healed the pain. I also feel that my thoughts about myself and others are a lot lighter, pleasant and free from judgement."

Mala S

“Through Sidra Jafri, I learnt that my bodily pains are connected to my bad memories. I started to practice clearing my own pains and memories using Access Body Consciousness and I am now so much more in control of my pains. I couldn't climb staircases before. Now I don't have an issue to move forward in life and up staircases! My relationships with my daughter and husband have improved immensely as I have learned to develop a better relationship with myself.”

Ayub Malik

"During and after attending my first Sidra event I received startling and tangible results. These results have continued to build a significantly improved relationship with my body and mind"

Leena Munot

"Using Sidra’s tools and the experience of being in Soul Spa has helped me have a better relationship with my family and release my energy blocks towards receiving and manifesting abundance in my life."