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Solar Plexus

Welcome to part 3 of the 7 part series on Activating Body Harmony, healing through chakras. In this 7 part series we dive deeper into understanding how to create harmony between the chakras, so we experience improved levels of health, awareness and consciousness. We achieve this by using yoga postures, and some simple, yet highly effective body movements with an intention to release the blockages from our chakras and infusing them with the colour of light associated with that particular energy centre. The information contained in each energy centre dictates our levels of health, wealth and prosperity.

Each energy centre holds vital information for us to understand and integrate. By releasing challenges in each centre we can live a more awakened life.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Location – Below the rib cage
Colour – Yellow


Key Qualities

This energy centre is the place from where you radiate your power into the world. ‘I can’ is the mantra of this centre. It is also the seat of your ego. This chakra holds the key to your self belief, self-worth, discipline, confidence, will power, metabolism, effectiveness and personal power. It feeds one’s direction in life and the actions taken in order to reach your goals.



Inability to get things done, struggle to make things happen for yourself, fear of making wrong decisions, addiction, unable to control situations, emotions or people.



Through yoga (insert pictures)

  1. Upward plank pose
  2. Pike pose
  3. Bow pose

Repeat each pose thrice, staying with it for 20 seconds at least, focusing your attention on the chakra at all times. Keep your breathing normal and relaxed. Imagine the chakra getting activated, opening up and expanding as you do these yoga postures. Infuse this chakra with a rich yellow colour. Feel the yellow colour filling your entire body.


Body movements

Make a sun – This movement involves physical movement and visualisation. Stand upright, arms over head, palms facing outwards, feet shoulder width apart. Now stretch your arms towards the sky as you breathe in and slowly bring them down to your sides, palms facing downwards, feel your arms reaching and stretching as far out as possible. Imagine drawing a big round sun around you using both your arms.

Half way down start to feel as if you are pushing away some invisible force. You are the centre of the sun, your arms describing the circumference. As you feel the force you are pushing against, imagine it to be a block that you are working through. Imagine rays of energy radiating from your fingertips and as you bring your hands by your sides, infuse your entire body with the sun’s energy by touching your palms to your thighs.


Power walk  – Stand erect with arms bent at the elbows and hands in a fist at the chest. Take a step forward and push one arm outward, as if you are pushing away obstacles. Then repeat with the other arm. It feels like you are walking with boxing kind of punches alternating between both arms. Keep rolling out these punches in the space ahead of you and imagine clearing away all the blocks that stop you from taking action and moving forward. You may also use words like ‘Go away’, or ‘Out’ – to further deepen the experience of clearing the blockages with your power.


The principle of awakening related to this chakra – Awareness is the Key

We give our power away to religion, media, society and judge ourselves as being ugly or not good enough. This happens because you are not aware of what you truly are.This chapter opens up our awareness to understanding that sometimes if things are not happening, it may not be personal to us, it may be delayed because the time has not come. Read the chapter and put to use the daily practices mentioned in it to clear the stuckness of energy in that chakra and to upgrade its consciousness.


Energy activation statement

‘I am ready to use my gifts for the service of the divine.’
Repeat this statement 7x for 7 days and allow it to activate your energy centre.


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