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Sacral Chakra

Welcome to part 2 of the 7 part series on Activating Body Harmony, healing through chakras. In this 7 part series we dive deeper into understanding how to create harmony between the chakras, so we experience improved levels of health and consciousness. We achieve this by using yoga postures, and some simple, yet highly effective body movements with an intention to release the blockages from our chakras and infusing them with the colour of light associated with that particular energy centre. The information contained in each energy centre dictates our levels of health, wealth and prosperity.

In the series of Activating Body Harmony, we talk about one energy centre in each session and understand what information it holds, what challenges in our life resonate with that energy centre and how we can release those challenges by activating the chakra.

Sacral Chakra

Location – Lower abdomen
Colour – Orange

Key Qualities

This is the second chakra and is the centre for creativity, intimacy, emotional expression and passion. It is from this energy centre that we experience our lives. When the sacral centre is open and balanced it provides the energy needed for recreation, creation and procreation. 


Lack of vitality, experiencing lethargy, low on creativity, productivity, movement, ideas not flowing and inability to express emotions. 


Through yoga, exercise and movement (insert pictures)

  1. Warrior pose
  2. Goddess Pose
  3. Butterfly
  4. Hip circles

Repeat each pose thrice, staying with it for 20 seconds at least, focusing your attention on the chakra at all times. Keep your breathing normal and relaxed. Imagine the chakra getting activated, opening up and expanding as you do these exercises. Infuse this chakra with a beautiful and bright orange colour. Feel the orange colour filling your entire body as it expands from the sacral centre. 

The central idea behind these movements and exercises is to open up the lower abdominal muscles so they can relax, feel expansive and support the activation of the energy centre. 

The principle of awakening related to this chakra – Work On You

We are a sum total of our experiences. Our creativity is blocked because we have nothing more to inspire us sometimes. If your life is only work, gym and home for instance …then there is only so much you can create from those frames of experience. When you begin to work on you and expand your frame of experiences either through travel, new learning, getting a different exposure is when you can feel your creativity begin to flow again. Read the chapter and put to use the daily practices mentioned in it to clear the stuckness of energy in that chakra and to upgrade its consciousness.

Energy activation statement 

‘I am open and enjoy sharing myself with others.’
Repeat this statement 7x for 7 days and allow it to activate your energy center.

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