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The Awakening 9 Principles ….

One of the best books you will experience. The manual that guides you to awaken your senses, you learn how to tap into your energetic matrix to understand the point of creation of long standing challenges. Each Principle is a key that leads you to activate more of your authentic power. With over 40+ daily practices, you have easy to follow guidelines that support you in creating structural changes in relationships, career, personal well being, anything you have been questioning, The Awakening offers you conscious creative solutions leading you to change life.

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The Sacred Factory

The pharmacy of the school is an inspiring world of holistic healing. A unique modality of introspection and healing. Sacred Healing Arts offers a range of powerful, colourful canvases that naturally send out Light Reflective Transmission. The arts radiate a medicinal quality that naturally uplifts the space and the observer. Head over to The Sacred Factory to learn how you can use Sacred Healing Arts for Carefront team training, creative focus canvas for schools or even as an uplifting piece for your home space.


Sound Medicine

Gain access to an abundant audio library stacked with guided processes that work on multiple levels of your consciousness.



Work on your mental body, programming new thoughts and inspiring positive actions in your day-to-day life. Gradually shifting your psyche, moving you into a space of neutrality.

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release past memories from your body’s consciousness, upgrading your emotional responses bringing you into the present times, allowing you to consciously manifestate from a space of love.

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Accelerate your mental and emotional growth as your spirit body works to integrate the lessons you need to move forward in acceptance, gratitude and awareness.