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Our Vision

OUR VISION is to experience a world where people communicate with each other

With LOVE as their foundation, POWER as their tool, PURPOSE as their way and ABUNDANCE as their consciousness.

One of the ways where we can bring ourselves closer to this vision is to open up a space in consciousness that provides care and support for our minds, for our emotions and for our souls hence the birth of School Of Awakening.

The School is formed on the basis of extensive research in the fields of business, education, healing mind sciences, energy therapy, counselling, social work, entertainment, quantum physics, mathematics, music and life experiences of thousands of people who all are searching one thing or the other.

School Of Awakening is envisioned as the largest hub of consciousness that connects all cultures, all religions, all colours, all casts under one vision – Awakening.

The Awakening

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In order to materialise the vision of The Awakening: 9 Principles For Finding The Courage To Change Your Life – Sidra Jafri has authored the book which serves as a valuable toolkit that will allow you to build a life which is based on your hearts desire.

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Becoming aware of the undercurrents that create challenges and issues in your lives, transform your out-dated core programming and the beliefs that keep you stuck in areas such as wealth, relationships and wellbeing.

The Awakening: 9 Principles For Finding The Courage To Change Your Life will have you viewing your life with greater awareness and will give you access to tools and processes that Sidra has used and developed to create changes in her life and those of whom she has worked with.

The 9 Principles have already helped thousands of people from all walks of life create the life they want, now you can do it, too!

Experience The Awakening Book with Energetic Conscious Body Make Over Project.

Energetic Conscious Body Make Over opens up the mind/body & emotions to expand your consciousness and receiving the books wisdom

The Energetic Conscious Body Make Over project is based on the elements with which we are all formed

Earth, Air, Water and Fire

A combination of these elements forms our

-Physical Body

-Mental Body

-Emotional Body

-Spiritual Body

In our opinion, the reason why we have always been searching is because we are mostly unaware of our element quest of existence.

We keep searching for the answers individually

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Meditation of the Week

"Aligning With Spiritual Wealth"

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