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Introduction to Projects

Care Space and 3 missions

Your Care Space is made up of 3 inspirational care projects aimed at empowering, creating harmony and creating inspiration.
Why ?
We realised that we all want to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of connection and being understood.
We Care.
We decided We Care enough to provide this unique space for you and others to benefit from projects that will lead you through a unique healing, empowering and inspirational journey.
A journey that you can share with others too.
With this in mind we are evolving 3 ongoing projects in this space and welcome you to join the project that you feel suits you, should you choose to.

Conscious Conceptions uses colours, symbols, images and sounds to create a unique, one of a kind, healing system.

We use Sacred Healing Art which have been channelled through ‘higher consciousness’ and which brings about the integration, wholeness or healing of the mind, emotions and spirit.

This project includes specific hypnosis audios and other healing activations that work together to inspire you to ‘consciously conceive’ and create a new life.

It is ideal for those looking to be inspired to heal from on going health issues and is part of Mission Inspiration, which seeks to bring inspiration at every level of life.

Alchemy of Voices is linked to Mission Harmony.

What creates so much unhappiness in life is disharmony in relationships.

We all carry ‘sounds’ or ‘voices’ from the past that are living through us by creating the same issues that we can’t hide from.

What if you could learn to identify and dissolve these ‘voices of sabotage’ and create a ‘new rhythm of sounds’, one more in alignment with who you are when you are at your best ?

You could create the harmony and fulfilment from relationships that matter to you.

This and more will be explored as part of ‘The Awakening Book Club’. This will also be the space where you can discuss, explore and apply the 9 pricinciples through processes, activations and divine magic statements.

Beauty and Beyond is the project was created to bring inner beauty and balance.

It contains our very popular and growing Energetic Conscious Body Makeover (ECBM) programme which is a unique 12 week online programme aimed at restoring health in the 4 bodies, the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body.

This project grew from 1 question, ‘What if the weight I carry is not just in the physical body?’

It lead to a unique pilot project which helped so many people improve their health and lose weight in a relatively short time, that we are now offering this mainstream.

This is a part of Mission Empowerment because empowerment has to start with yourself and your body first.