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“Small groups of enlightened collectives will fulfill an important function in the arising of the new consciousness” -Eckhart Tolle

Our Mission… to be like a spiritual Netflix!! A giant online University of Consciousness. One of the fastest growing and most supportive places on the planet! On the cutting edge of Consciousness.

Did you know that the world has evolved and changed more over the last 20 years than it has over 2000 years?! Relationships are dissolving, money is losing value, ¬†jobs are dissolving and belief systems are being questioned. We all want to help the world and humanity by becoming rich and famous yet so many of our lives are still stuck and still struggling. And if our intention is to help the universe’s creation why does it feel like the universe isn’t helping? Maybe somewhere deep in our psyche our intentions need to be purified.

In times of uncertainty and difference it is the vision of School of Awakening to be a place of certainty and acceptance.

Our Vision is to provide one of the largest enlightened support collectives on the planet!

Our Mission is to Provide:

- the latest education in consciousness as it becomes available

- the best and latest tools to facilitate the spiritual growth of all we come

with safe processes and environments for energetic healing

- an enlightenment collective community of acceptance and support

- a legacy of consciousness that extends far past our current timeline