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Our Mission

At School of Awakening we are on a mission to dissolve internal conflict by carefrontation and co-creating a language and tool of communication that will align all bodies (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional) and the elements to create harmony. The combination of all these gives a holistic experience of life.

School Of Awakening

Is a result of years of research and looking for answers, this energetic space is where we all come together as Researchers. Founder Sidra Jafri alongside her family and friends (who come from all walks of life) decided to create a safe space that is based on unconditional love, friendship, care and loyalty, an environment that nurtures the mind, heals the heart and nourishes the soul and body as we believe people matter more than things. We celebrate success and help through struggles as it is through struggle that the mind expands.

We Welcome You

Into a sacred space where we encourage all questions that allow for us to collectively expand through conscious conversations and practical support. As we believe together we are capable of experiencing all the magic that life presents. Below you can connect with us, share your journey with the team member you feel inspired to connect with. Allow your intuition to guide you.

Meditation of the Week

"Aligning With Spiritual Wealth"

from Purpose Portal