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Power is a natural part of who we are and it is necessary to navigate through daily life and manifest all that you desire.

Yet people either misuse or not use their power enough.

It’s almost like we are afraid sometimes to express the power of who we are for fear of judgement.

I believe true power gives us the ability to pause and become self aware enough, to align to our true values and come from authenticity and care at the same time.

My experience of diving into the human psyche showed me where the blockages to power were and how to open people up to reclaim and express their power in alignment with who they really are.

The Power Portal video lessons will bring you many unique and practical insights you can apply to your life to achieve the goals you have.

We all want to experience the different facets of ‘Love’ in our daily lives.

Through our relationships we connect with, experience and express love to bring more fulfilment and meaning to our life.

The question I asked myself was, why aren’t we fulfilled and what prevents us experiencing the love we sometimes see others experience.

My research into ‘Love’ brought me insights into the root causes, from our ‘past programming’ and ways of being that often sabotage our best intentions.

I found a new way to open up our own ‘consciousness’ to dissolve those disempowering memories and patterns whilst opening our consciousness up to the energy of love that operates more naturally and builds up through each of the processes I have shared here.

Enjoy these video lessons and may they bring you the quality of love you truly desire and deserve.

Is abundance really just about money and the material world ?

Why is it some people find creating, keeping hold of and even expanding their financial abundance so easy and natural ?

Why do some people struggle no matter what they try?

The reasons lie hidden within the ‘consciousness’ of the person, which houses their core or true beliefs, ‘past energy’ and patterns around money.

I explored and uncovered new ways to open up the consciousness simply and directly to dissolve and release those disempowering energies that kept replaying like a broken record.

These video lessons will teach you to recognise and release these blocks whilst re programming your consciousness with a new empowering energy and pattern to bring abundance in all its forms into your life.

Meditation of the Week

"Aligning With Spiritual Wealth"

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