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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 2018-09-05T04:36:37+01:00
Any thoughts on allergies? 2019-03-21T15:17:00+00:00

Allergies are usually a reaction or response of something the body does not want. Usually when somebody has an allergy response, it is from a memory that the person has, which the body is reacting to. This is why some people have genetic allergies, because that is what the parent has associated it with in the collective consciousness, and that is what becomes embedded in the child.

How can ‘it takes one to see one’ relate when you don’t like the person you are experiencing conflict with? 2018-10-16T18:26:37+01:00

You only attract +-1 of your frequency so if you dislike someone who you are attracting in your life, the best thing to do is look in the mirror and use the ABC tool to identify which part of that person’s energy is within you. Maybe that person is reflecting your shadow self, which is a part of you, you can’t see. It may be a part of you which you are not aware of. Use the following quality questions to identify which part of you if being reflected within the people you are attracting. If its bringing a lesson to me, what would it be? And how can I integrate it? Where in my life am I behaving this way?

How can I attract the perfect partner? 2018-10-16T18:30:09+01:00

By focusing more on the qualities of the partnership than the qualities of the partner. Meaning there is no such thing as perfect partners; only perfect relationships.

How can I break this cycle of negative thinking? 2018-10-16T18:35:07+01:00

The perfect question for the principal that is awareness is the key. A lot of time we suffer from negative thinking without being aware of it and pay the price of it with physical aches and pains and sometimes body organ failure as well due to lack of awareness. Use the direction of thought to think positive and kind thoughts about the environment and instead of trying to avoid the pain be with the pain and face it with kindness and awareness of choice. Choice to respond to thoughts and knowing that you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are light clouds that comes and goes as their time time passes. Hope this helps

How can I forgive when someone has hurt me so bad? 2018-09-03T11:44:34+01:00

By understanding that forgiveness is not for anyone else but for the peace of your own self.

How can I grow confident in speaking to people face to face? I am very chatty and bubbly over the phone, but when I have to speak to someone in person I become less friendly and reserved. What can I do to overcome this? 2018-10-16T19:51:40+01:00

Confidence and shyness are a result of habit. The event that we first experience defines our confidence and shyness level. I suggest using the ABC tool (can be found in The Awakening: 9 Principles for finding the courage to change your life) and the personal peace program to connect with those parts of you that are under confident or shy and release any experiences which may be holding you back from experiencing your true desire.

How can numberology enhance our way of looking at life? 2018-09-09T17:07:18+01:00

Learning the science and magic of numbers increases your ability to calculate time and space for generating a wise time plan that is in alignment with your desire to live an abundant life.

How can we build and access our courage? 2018-09-03T11:28:44+01:00

By using regular Abc of those parts of you that are lacking courage and befriending your fears.

How can we come off antidepressants after a long time? 2019-03-21T15:09:52+00:00

When you are on antidepressants, your body will become used to this chemical, which means if you take this away instantly, your body will go into withdrawal, unstabling you. You’ll experience fragmented reality, paranoia and other symptoms.

We do not advise on going cold Turkey on medication.


When coming off antidepressants, it is ok to have withdrawal symptoms of medication, it’s ok to miss that symptom substance because it’s just a habit. If you give in to that addiction then you’ll find yourself perpetually in the same loop.

Pain will end when you understand, why the pain began in the first place.


How can we handle when people judge us? 2018-10-16T18:06:07+01:00

A lot of times the reason we judge ourselves or others is because we are judging people from our values. When others judge us, we can take the time to understand that they are merely forming their opinions based on what their values are and what is important to them, therefore it is not personal to us.

How can we use symbols to raise our energy? 2018-09-03T11:42:38+01:00

By learning the runic symbols and understanding their meanings, you can raise the energy levels of the environment by invoking the runic symbol with your desired quality of that rune. After making the symbol in the air with any of your forefinger. Breathe that air in and allow it to raise your vibration to the runic quality.

How do we accept people as they are and move towards forgiveness? 2018-10-16T19:36:28+01:00

Question the idea of forgiveness. A lot of times the word forgiveness comes from a judgement of being wronged, so that’s why we need to forgive them to find peace. When we accept people exactly the way they are, we won’t need to forgive them. When we accept them, meaning we are in acceptance of their good traits, their bad traits and exactly the way they are, so there’s nothing to forgive. Embrace the principle, ‘It takes one to see one’ by accepting that the fact that that person is able to meet you in your reality, there is an energetic connection. The energetic connection between you and that person that has pulled you together and you have no choice but to accept yourself; outside of yourself.

How do you do the life partner who tortures you, emotionally, physically and financially? 2019-03-21T15:21:00+00:00

I love this question because, because it’s missing the key principle in the Awakening. It’s missing the key principle It Takes One to See One. If your partner’s always torturing you, emotionally, physically and financially, Then it is your time to look inside, and see the part of you that is always torturing yourself inform of the partner outside of you. The journey of Awakening is an internal journey. You can’t change the image in the mirror in order for your hairstyle to change. If you want to change the reflection of the hairstyle you have to change your own hair and the reflection changes.

Look within and find out what part of you is creating that feeling in your life partner, go through The Awakening chapter It Takes One to See One


How does being in awareness give me more power? 2018-09-21T16:11:56+01:00

Awareness gives us power to choose our responses based on the information that is being filtered through our own perception of reality. For example, if you are aware of the reason why certain people are behaving, you can use this awareness to understand their point of view and experience, and have more empathy.

How does judgement work? 2018-09-04T19:58:36+01:00

What is judgement? Judgement is only a filter that allows you to decide how an event went. For the divine feminine nurturing is more important than moving forward.
Awareness gives us an opportunity to change the judgement eye!

How does the emotion of guilt manifest into the body, how could we recognise it? 2018-09-21T16:05:41+01:00

Guilt usually manifests in low confidence, unwarranted sickness, illness. Unexpressed guilt can cause sabotage.

I find it difficult to ask for help. I fear being judged as weak. What can I do to change this? 2018-10-16T17:28:17+01:00

There are 2 types of people, net givers and net takers. Net givers like to give and find it hard to receive. In our body’s consciousness, the right side of body holds the information of helping. The left side of the body is the divine feminine, which relates to the giver.  The right side of the body is divine masculine which relates to receiving. If you want to improve your ability to receive, must work on the divine masculine energy. Connect to the feeling of asking for help and use the tool ABC to clear the fear of being judged.

I find it extremely difficult to be aware of the level of exchange my time and skills equal on this physical world – example, I’m aware I have a unique skill set but why is it I find it difficult to find a job with them? 2018-10-16T19:39:26+01:00

It’s one thing having a skill and its a completely different game to implement that skill and generate return on investment. One way to evaluate your time is to see how much you are creating in that time and what pain are you solving. The bigger the pain you solve the more you can use your unique skill and ask for well deserved exchange

I recognise since starting my new job I have experienced more moodiness and lethargy than I usually would, is this me picking up on other people’s energy? how can I tell? 2018-09-21T16:03:27+01:00

Your body is a barometer of truth. Whatever you breathe in, eat in, think in, responds by giving you more or less energy. If your body is not in a conducive environment where it feels inspired and desired, it can create low energy to avoid being in that environment. If you want to change your energy levels, focus on the changing the incoming of your body, so the outgoing of the body changes.

Is there a process I can use to observe my thoughts? 2018-10-16T19:49:43+01:00

Journal-ling is the best way to observe your thoughts. Keep a notepad and pencil next your bedside table and just after your wake up spend few minutes on writing whatever thought pops up in your head. This process can be very profound in finding answers to unsolved mysteries in the mind.

What can experiencing a feeling of palpitation of fear or pain in the centre of the chest represent? 2019-03-21T15:12:05+00:00

This means there is a memory in your heart chakra. In your heart you hold the wisdom, not only from this timeline but other timelines.

What does diabetes and blood pressure represent energetically? 2019-03-21T15:08:15+00:00

We understand that we only have four elements which create our experiences in our life. These elements are embedded in the 7 chakras and make up a part of our body:

Water = blood

Air = oxygen

Fire- = pulse

Earth =  skin


Blood is associated with Water, which is associated with emotions


Diabetes is an experienced when we lack sweet memories, or lacking sweetness in our life.

It is the memories in your bloodstream that is causing the diabetes and the blood pressure. To manage blood pressure, you must release the memories that are causing the pressure to rise above it’s normal level.


If you don’t produce the sweet memories in your blood, you will start craving sweets.

The original intention for you to go for sweets or carbohydrates is to bring those sweet memories into your bloodstream. However, because you’re taking the external substance, you are messing with the bloodstream which is causing the diabetes, or cholesterol, or blood pressure.


What does Thyroid issues represent? 2019-03-21T15:10:42+00:00

Your thyroid is in your communication box. If you are experiencing issues with your thyroid, where your voice box is, this can mean there is a discrepancy between your throat centre and your heart centre. When you are unable to express what you feel in your heart, it becomes borderline thyroid.


What is a matrix? 2018-09-04T19:50:49+01:00

In digital technology, combination of same ideas. A matrix in digital form would look like a religious belief system.

What is a soul mate? 2018-10-16T20:03:19+01:00

Soul mates are souls who you have experienced many life times together so you develop a sense of fondness with their souls. Soul mates aren’t only intimate relationship it could be a partner, a sibling, a parent, friend and a teacher.

What is a twin flame? 2018-09-21T20:38:40+01:00

A twin flame energy is a split vibration. It’s almost as though the soul is separated in the heavens and reconnect at earth. It is because of this, twin flames experience a heightened intensity with one another, i.e. they feel the pain a lot more, or feel the happiness a lot more.

What is Angel marketing process? 2018-09-21T18:38:19+01:00

ANGEL marketing process is used to manifest more business/clients.

The process is as follows:

Before you begin your day at work – invoke the angels to support you in your efforts to help you grow your business.
Imagine each corner of your workspace lighting up in purple and gold colours infusing the whole space with love and gratitude.

As you do this for each corner of the room, imagine this purple and gold light filling your workplace and imagine seeing angels appear around you.

Thank the angels for holding your space and helping you build your business each day.

Now imagine both your hands are holding your energetic business cards and all the angels are picking them from your hands and flying out in all directions to get you more business. You could actually direct them specific locations if you choose to.

See them connecting with those people who are looking for your product or service and bringing you in their awareness. This will help those calls and meetings come through. If a client is sitting on a proposal you sent, the angels will help you get these confirmations quickly with ease and grace and fill your order books. It’s a game of faith and communication with the angels. Know in your heart that whatever is in the highest, is what will manifest.

What is it in us which keeps us seeing the ugly in others? 2018-09-21T20:47:04+01:00

What stops us from seeing it in ourselves is our friend ego. It puts the blinkers on our own actions, and we convince ourselves of our goodness. The other person is just a mirror. If you want to change your hairstyle, you change your hair yourself, and the reflecting in the mirror will change.

What is the difference between being judgemental or politically incorrect? 2018-09-04T19:50:46+01:00

A lot of times people who are observational are being told they are politically incorrect and rude. Sometimes we just present facts and judgement can be caught in our conversations not only with words but with our thoughts.

What is the difference between shame and guilt? 2018-09-21T16:22:24+01:00

Shame looks like guilt. Shame is an emotion. Guilt is an expression

What is the difference between soul mates and twin flames? 2018-09-21T20:41:55+01:00

Soul mates are made for each other and twin flames are made from each other.

What is the energetic reason behind asthma and chest pain? 2019-03-21T15:18:21+00:00

Asthma is about rejecting life, and the inability to breathe. Lack of creativity usually causes asthma. When referring to  lack of creativity, it can be from not being allowed to live life to how you want, or feeling repressed for a certain way of being. This means the thoughts, and the environment that the people are sending you, your body, your heart is not accepting of it, which causes the energy to get stuck in the chest and it is not allowing you to accept their version of life. So it is you rejecting somebody else’s version of life, that is why a lot of times children have asthma, it is their tiny little bodies saying to their parents, “go away, I don’t what to do what you are thinking about me” and parents don’t even know it?

What is the energetic reason behind migraines? 2019-03-21T15:15:38+00:00

Migraines represent a conflict between your crown Centre and your Vision Centre. Simply put, if where you want to be, and where you are is two different things then migraine hits. Sometimes a migraine is a way of body giving signal to you to shut down. For people who over work, burn out, usually experience migraines because the body is saying, “this time to shut down and if you don’t shut down I’m going to make you shut down.” And that’s what happens when experiencing a migraine, everything shuts down, dark for 2 days, 2 hours… That’s your body’s way of saying you’ve had too much. Have a conversation with your body to find out what it desires, and we also recommend the brain integration process in the Gold Conscious area for migraines too.

What is the reason for IBS? 2019-03-21T15:16:22+00:00

IBS is connected to the stomach, it can be due to an issue between the solar plexus and the sacral. Our sacral centre is creation, and our stomach is digestion; if your environment is not conducive and you are not comfortable with the changes that are happening, then when you experience IBS, which is the fear of lack of control. There is no control in the chain, so what is happening around you, you have no control, over hence IBS. Everything is to do with stomach, our intestines relate to change to change and the ability to digest information.

What is your advice on improving memory? 2019-03-21T15:19:48+00:00

If you want to improve your memory you have to release, remove and clear all the judgements about your memories. A lot of times we believe that forgetfulness is a lot easier than dealing with the pain. That is why we have amnesia, and we have memory issues because there is a part of us that doesn’t want to remember what truly happened because it is too painful. When it is too painful then this is where we have memory issues, dementia, alzheimer’s, this is usually a part of your brain, fragmented, saying, “I can’t deal with all this memory in one go, that’s why I need to have bitesize memory”, that is why in older age the fragmentation of reality happens.  

What would you say is the cause of brain fog? 2019-03-21T15:12:43+00:00

Brain fog is a direct result of medication, including any external substance, such as the vitamins we take to gain perfect nails and hair. The addiction of our medication has gone to such a degree that instead of using medication to heal ourselves, now we also have bought into the illusion of perfection, using medication to enhance and improve ourselves. Instead of accepting the hair that we’ve got, or the nails we’ve got, we are now using perfection is an excuse to be addicted to medication.

When it comes to experiencing challenges, I find it difficult to ask for help. Fear of being judged as weak… 2018-09-04T19:58:50+01:00

Sounds like there are 2 types of people, net giver and net taker. They like to give and find it hard to receive. In the body consciousness right side of body holds information of helping and not helping – if they feel like giving it’s divine feminine. Receiving is divine masculine. If want to improve ability to receive, must work on the divine masculine – right side of the body.

Which of the divine feminine/divine masculine are the givers and receivers? 2018-09-21T16:21:05+01:00

In the material plane, receptive means they are receiving the energy, so the divine masculine is the giver and the divine feminine is the receiver.

Why are so many of us low in vitamin D? 2019-03-21T15:13:53+00:00

You tell me!

Who decides that you’re low in vitamin D?

Who decides what is optimum for your body and what is not?

Who says that not enough sunshine will cause low vitamin D?

If God wanted you to have sunshine everywhere, all the time, then Earth wouldn’t be created as a contrasting experience, where we have got the arctic poll, antarctic poll and the centre of the Earth. It’s a variety, that is why this Earth is so special.

Why are these times so important to humanity’s evolution? 2018-09-03T12:21:49+01:00

There are times when earth is set in its infrastructure and there are times when earth is evolving towards changing its infrastructure. These are those times, when new infrastructures are being built. It’s important to participate and build an infrastructure upon which our children will be proud of.

Why do cysts and polyp happen in women? 2019-03-21T15:19:03+00:00

Women with polycystic ovaries and fallopian tubes blocked and experience all sorts of women issues, my research suggests this can be a result of women rejecting their femininity. Sometimes  it’s a past life vow or a promise that we have made that we won’t create and then suddenly this lifetime we polycystic ovaries, that’s like a reminder of a past life vow or a promise that you have made on your creativity. So if you have womb issues I would highly recommend that you look into past life, we have a clinic now where we do address these issues please make sure you send us an email at

Why does dandruff occur? 2019-03-21T15:14:49+00:00

Dandruff occurs due to lack of memory. Remember your hair has memories. Dandruff can mean there are no nourishing memories that are coming out of your scalp. You must nourish your memories, bring joyous memories and dandruff will go away. Dandruff on skin or any part of your body is just lack of nourishment. That part of your area is not cared for. The real cure is in the care when you start caring for things, you start curing things.

Why is there so much judgement around sexuality? 2018-09-04T19:54:55+01:00

I feel this is an illusion created in the mind to keep us isolated and judged. The more we judge each other the more shame we project in each other, the more sexually infertile we become. The judgement creates the shame.

Why would we choose to attract heartbreak? 2018-09-03T11:45:33+01:00

To learn compassion. When our heart breaks it’s looking to fill the void. Lack of compassion causes heart break.