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About The Event

Yes, a question which gets asked of us time and time again, but the reality is, many of us trade our dreams to fit into our means…
Here at School Of Awakening, we open our doors to people of all backgrounds who dream of changing their lives, from reaching their dream jobs, to finding the confidence to love again. It’s now our pleasure to share our knowlege with all those, who just like us, were looking for a better and more fulfilling life!
Our team of Dream team will be ready to connect with you to create a tangible plan for whatever you want to improve upon, so you can move towards acheiving your goals for the year ahead.

Come and join us for an evening of celebration, connection and joy from 5pm till 9pm.
Connect with light-minded people who, just like you, have great dreams they want to achieve! People who know, that growth is inevitable and have courage to take whatever it takes to make it happen.

✯ Join us on Friday 20th April to find out for yourself! ✯

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