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Crown Chakra

Welcome to the final blog on this 7 part series on Activating Body Harmony, healing through chakras. Through the 7 part series, we have been exploring how to create harmony between the chakras, so we experience improved levels of health, awareness, and consciousness. We achieve this by using yoga postures, and some simple, yet highly effective body movements with an intention to release the blockages from our chakras and infusing them with the color of light associated with that particular energy centre. The information contained in each energy centre dictates our levels of health, wealth and prosperity.

Each energy centre holds vital information for us to understand and integrate. By releasing challenges in each centre we can live a more awakened life.


Crown Chakra

Location – Top of the head
Colour – Purple


Key Qualities

This energy centre is associated with the transcendence of our limitations. This chakra is the seat of clarity, spiritual insight, mindfulness, enlightened wisdom and allows you to move beyond individual materialistic needs to connect with the universal whole. It is the gateway to the cosmic self and connects us to universal consciousness.

Depression, mental fog, chronic fatigue, migraines and other chronic headaches, greed and materialism, boredom and frustration and a sense of over or under achievement.


Through yoga (insert pictures)

  1. Supported headstand
  2. Lotus pose


Repeat each pose thrice, staying with it for 20 seconds at least, focusing your attention on the chakra at all times. Keep your breathing normal and relaxed. Imagine the chakra getting activated, opening up and expanding as you do these yoga postures. Infuse this chakra with the colour purple. Feel the purple colour filling your entire body.


Body movements

Sufi whirling
Stand erect and raise your hands wide above your shoulders, pointing fingers skywards. Gently start rotating in the form of a continuous whirl. The essence of this kind of a sufi whirl is communion with the divine.It creates a personal space in which you can explore a more intimate connection with the cosmic self.



Sit in a quiet place, in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breath and feel it while you inhale and when you exhale in a rhythm. Observe the chatter of your thoughts and slowly watch them quieting down as a silence takes over and begin to feel light. You may listen to soft music or chants to deepen the experience.


The principle of awakening related to this chakra – It takes one to see one

No matter what you experience in your life – depression, success, an attitude, a personality – remember, it is not an isolated individual event. Everything that you experience is a part of you that is outside of you, trying to communicate with you an aspect of you. Read the chapter and put to use the daily practices mentioned in it to clear the stuckness of energy in that chakra and to upgrade its consciousness.


Energy activation statement

Just for today, I pray for all those that require this prayer.
Repeat this statement 7x for 7 days and allow it to activate your energy centre.

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