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Golden Times Member

Golden Times Member

Do you want lasting change?
Do you want to be the best you? Do you want to get there using tools that are available no where else?
Then Creating Golden Times is the package for you!

The ‘Creating Golden Times’ package includes:

  • All four portals for 2018 (love, power, abundance and purpose). These are 12 week  course facilitated by Sidra Jafri to help you dissolve any limitations in your mind, spirit and emotional bodies to allow you to live into the life you’ve always wanted.

    ** Includes 8 Days of Live interaction

  • Unlimited access to our library of videos and meditations which have been vibrationally enhanced with colors, numbers, symbols and sounds. All available through the gold membership zone like your own Spiritual Netflix. ( Gold Member Access )

  • Weekly clinic care with our team at DS Light Surgery for ongoing support and guidance.

  • An exclusive monthly group chat with Sidra to ask any questions.

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Meditation of the Week

"Aligning With Spiritual Wealth"

from Purpose Portal