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Base Chakra

Chakras are the main energy centres that run through our body. Activating Body Harmony is all about creating harmony between the chakras, so we experience improved levels of health and consciousness. We achieve this by using yoga postures, and some simple, yet highly effective body movements with an intention to release the blockages from our chakras and infusing them with the colour of light associated with that particular energy centre. The information contained in each energy centre dictates our levels of health, wealth and prosperity in the material plane called Earth.

In the series of Activating Body Harmony, we will talk about one energy centre in each session and understand what information it holds, what challenges in our life resonate with that energy centre and how we can release those challenges by activating the chakra.

Base Chakra

Location – Base of the spine
Colour – Red

Key Qualities

This is the first of all chakras and the energy centre responsible for our grounding. It is also the gateway that helps energy rise and flow through the other chakras.  It is the keeper of our ‘I am’ statements – I am strong, I am not good enough, I am happy and so on.


It deals with issues of physical survival, not feeling safe, and is weakened by fear and insecurity.


Through yoga (insert pictures)

  1. knee to chest
  2. head to knee
  3. bridge pose

Repeat each pose thrice, staying with it for 20 seconds at least, focusing your attention on the chakra at all times. Keep your breathing normal and relaxed. Imagine the chakra getting activated, opening up and expanding as you do these yoga postures. Infuse this chakra with a deep red colour. Feel the red colour filling your entire body as it expands from the base centre. 

Body movements

Standing – Stand still with your feet shoulder width apart and allow the gravitational pull to make you feel connected with Mother Earth. Imagine roots coming out of your feet and going deep into the core of the earth and releasing all non serving thought forms, beliefs and programs. After releasing, now imagine these roots are drawing from the core of the earth all qualities and programs that enhance your being. Holding you strongly at all times. It is a reminder that the universe has your back at all times. Experience this grounding for 30 seconds each day to begin your day with higher energy and an activated chakra.

Move consciously – Take four steps forward, then four steps backward, and move sideways two steps each. You can carry these movements in each direction 3 to 4 times each to open the body’s consciousness around the energy centre and to activate the base chakra. Repeat each movement for 2 to 4 minutes. Come back and stand in stillness and feel the roots connecting you back to the earth’s core. No matter where you are, where you move, you constantly have the support and grounding of these roots with you at all times. 

The principle of awakening related to this chakra – Ask Quality Questions

Feelings of being unworthy, lazy and similar feelings that don’t serve you like depression and isolation live in this chakra. The first principle Ask Quality Questions can be used to unblock the base chakra. Read the chapter and put to use the daily practices mentioned in it to clear the stuckness of energy in that chakra and to upgrade its consciousness.

Energy activation statement 

‘I ask for an alignment of passion in all intentions.’
Repeat this statement 7x for 7 days and allow it to activate your energy centre.

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