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who we are

We are a group of light minded people, engineers, designers, performers, teachers, lawyers, IT specialist, ordinary people who came together for the shared love of ‘The Awakening’. We were all looking for answers to life long questions, over the course of attending live events and advance courses we grew close, following each others progress, checking in on each other as we collectively felt the power of Access Body Consciousness. The more we released our past, the more we were able to appreciate each others journey. We grew fond of the unique experiences our energies created, although it sounded as though we had different dreams, it turned out that we all wanted the same things deep down.
In late 2012, our melting pot of truth seekers, care givers, light workers, awkwardly, courageously said yes to going down the rabbit hole. The Awakening Society setup unique research quests that will, in time, bring us all on the same page as we recognise that

People matter more than thing
Forgiveness is more important than righteousness
Love is the basis of all conversations
Friendships move people from victim to victor

No matter our age or stage in life, we all have a past that we are individually working on letting go of, and we all have a part to play in each others future…

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What We Stand For

Quality education at affordable prices. We all deserve to live a life of joy, peace and a deep sense of knowing that we have a home everywhere in the world. Personal development can be enjoyable especially when Light minded people speak the language of awakening and live by the same principles.

  • Our vision has always been to create conscious living spaces, online and offline, where we all have the opportunity to learn, reflect and grow as a light community.

  • Our mission is to awaken 3.6 billion people with courses designed to bring out the best in us all. We aim to provide experiential courses where you learn how to build your character, develop your personality and improve your attitude. Life is governed by principles, not miracles… so we must all work to live by the principles that benefit all and harms none.

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Message from first lady

School of Awakening is an online conscious living space open to all those who have stopped searching for x and start questioning y. One of the reasons why our School offers a range of practical courses, accountability groups, course companions, daily activities as well as a 24 hour care line… is because you never know when you will feel inspired to make a change!

We want to be your first call when you recognize that you can be doing more and that there is more to life than you are currently living.

Since 2016, we have connected with students of all ages and from all walks of life create lasting changes. It would be our honour to support you in living a new chapter, setting you up to embark on your personal research quest where you master your destiny and expanding your consciousness.

Have a look at our courses, book a call with our Portal Coordinator to have your questions answered.

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Sidra Jafri – Founder School of Awakening

Author – Researcher – Energy Healer – Conscious Consultant – International TEDx Keynote Speaker

Sidra’s fascination with human behaviour led her to observe and recognise the patterns in people’s actions. By establishing when the patterns were first created, Sidra was able to work with people to dissolve blocks and limitations which were affecting their health, wealth and relationships. This led her to start her career as a KEY Awakening Facilitator, where she focused on empowering her clients to understand anxiety and depression before they tried to heal it or fix it. Her thirst for knowing “why” certain things “happen” in our lives set in motion a 12 year research quest across 25 countries and 4 continents, Jafri collated over 180,000 behavioural case studies of men and women from all walks of life overcoming both collective and personal challenges in areas relating to wellbeing, career development and relationships.


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