Our Story.

Having personally experienced the benefits of The Awakening, we came together to stand for a One World Vision, where people matter more than things, forgiveness is more important that righteousness, love is the basis of all conversations and friendships move people from victim to victor.

We have supported 1000's of people to implement tools and learning that are enhancing their lives.

About Sidra Jafri

Sidra Jafri is a best-selling author and Key Awakening Facilitator at School of Awakening. Her courses are highly favoured amongst our students.

Sidra's courses impart a deep personal understanding as you learn to dissect thought and behavioural patterns that manifest in challenging events, conflicting relationships, ill health or financial constraints.

Our Team

Being perpetual students of Awakening, we are here to offer support and accountability to you, as you embark on your chosen journey! 

Bushra Raza

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